Monday, October 14, 2019

Cannabutter 101

Cannabutter is one of the biggest crazes in the world of marijuana edibles. Versatile and easy to make, cannabutter is an easy way to bring weed into your kitchen. But what exactly is cannabutter and how can you get started working with it? We’re here to answer those questions for you.
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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Cannabis Caramels

One of our favorite things about medical marijuana is how much fun it makes the patient experience. You don’t have to take a pill if you don’t want to. Cannabis medicine comes in many forms, including cigarettes, concentrates and vaporizer cartridges. These types of medicine let you savor your treatment. Edibles work as another enjoyable marijuana medication and come in a variety of flavors. Learn about cannabis caramels and appreciate the sweet side of medicinal marijuana.
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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Cannabis Cooking With Calculators

Cooking with cannabis can be so much fun.
Loading your brownies with so much THC you feel like you've taken a trip to space, though, is not always as much fun...
What if you could make edibles with the perfect dose every time?  Well, thanks to a handy calculator, you can!
If you need help with a calculator, keep reading for the instructions and examples.​
It’s all about the THC Content!

When cooking with cannabis, landing on the perfect dose requires you to know the percentage of THC in your bud.
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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Basics of Cooking With Cannabis

With multiple states passing propositions that allow the legal sale and use of recreational marijuana, there are now options for people who would like to enjoy the relaxing effects of pot without the potential irritation that accompanies smoking cannabis.
One of the fundamental rules of cooking with pot involves decarboxylation, or “decarbing” marijuana, before cooking with it.
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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cannabis Cornbread Muffins

These cannabis cornbread muffins are the perfect way to medicate with marijuana while dining on chili, soup or any Mexican dish. Plus they’re easy to make. But before you medicate with marijuana, you must first ensure you are in compliance with your state laws. Do you need a cannabis card? has the largest database of qualified marijuana doctors in all legal states. Book an appointment today.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

'Baked' Banana Brad Recipe

  Banana bread is an easy and delicious way to medicate with marijuana. As always, use caution when medicating with edible medical marijuana treatments since ingesting marijuana has significantly different effects smoking it. It may take 45 minutes to an hour to feel the full effects, so you might want to wait before eating a second slice of this Baked Banana Bread. And remember, in order to medicate with marijuana, you must comply with your state’s specific laws. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Marijuana Milk Recipe

Many medical marijuana patients prefer to medicate with edible marijuana products, like pot brownies. But instead of eating your medicine, you can drink your medicine with this marijuana milk recipe. Or, it can be the perfect way to wash down your pot cookies. All you need to get started is some milk, a grinder, a double boiler and, of course, some medical marijuana. Not sure how to get medical marijuana? Visit to find a qualified marijuana doctor and obtain a medical marijuana card.

Ingredients and Supplies

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